Project report “Interior development and structural densification - contributions to planning strategies"

In the region of Vorarlberg, the demand for living space is constantly increasing.
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Village renewal in Tyrol

Village renewal is the term used to describe subsidised programmes that are intended to improve the structural, traffic and cultural conditions in villages. The Village Renewal Tyrol consists of 8 modules:
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Kasperhof in Patsch (Tyrol)

The building "Kasperhof" in Patsch in Tyrol from the 17th century - with a usable area of just under 650m² - is subject to the protection of the townscape and stood empty for twenty years.
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Sustainability strategy of Tyrol

In 2012, the Tyrolean regional government was the first Austrian region to draw up its own sustainability strategy and with it, it adopted a working plan for future-oriented regional development.
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Project spirit of the times “Pop Up Stores in Enns”

In 2017, the Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH Enns (TSE) launched the project spirit of the times "PopUp Stores in Enns" with the aim of creating lively town centres with attractive offers for residents and visitors. 
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Vacant flats in the city of Salzburg 2015

The city of Salzburg has a significant need for housing. At the same time, the building land resources for residential construction are very limited.
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