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Improvement of the prototype called “PhenoPiCam”, a low cost autonomous IoT system based on the Rapsberry Pi computer board and camera module, developed by the Lead Partner to monitor plant phenology, by adding meteorological sensors and datalogger from a low cost weather station based on Arduino, developed by the CNR-Ibimet partner, to assist growers in phenology monitoring, field irrigation, pest management, and assessment of the proper harvest time.


The PhenoCam project - promoted by Fondazione Edmund Mach – Centro di Ricerca e Innovazione (234), Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Biometeorologia (235), YetiPi (236) - provides automated near-surface remote sensing as digital images of vegetation, which are processed in a consistent way to track seasonal changes in vegetation greenness. PhenoPiCam setup is an outdoor, solar-powered low-cost system, which consists in a computer board (Raspberry Pi 3) equipped with 8 MPixels module (RPi Camera v2 and/or RPi NoIR Camera v2) contained in a waterproof enclosure, and powered by a small solar panel, in order to provide 3-hourly time-lapse images of a vineyard transmitted automatically to a linux-server for the publication on the web and free direct access. The images could be easily embedded in webpages to provide web-mapping services, such as an interactive phenological network to allow a quick view of grapevine development over the viticulture region. Moreover, in irrigation trials carried out in eight vineyards in the Trento Province (Italy) FEM measured electrical resistance in soil transects at three depths and three distances from the vines. The system is equipped with different agro-meteorological sensors: air temperature and relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, rain gauge, leaf wetness, atmospheric pressure, soil moisture, and a solar panel and battery made it energy self-sufficient.

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