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Mires and Peat is a peer-reviewed internet journal focusing specifically on mires, peatlands and peat.  As a truly “free-to-users” publication (i.e. NO CHARGES to authors OR readers), it is immediately accessible to readers and potential authors worldwide.  It is published jointly by the International Peatland Society (IPS) and the International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG).


Mires and Peat publishes high-quality research papers on all aspects of peatland science, technology and wise use, including:

ecology, hydrology, survey, inventory, classification, functions and values of mires and peatlands;

scientific, economic and human aspects of the management of peatlands for agriculture, forestry, nature conservation, environmental protection, peat extraction, industrial development and other purposes;

biological, physical and chemical characteristics of peat; and

climate change and peatlands.

Short communications and review articles on these and related topics will also be considered; and suggestions for special issues of the Journal based on the proceedings of conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops will be welcomed.  The submission of material by authors and from countries whose work would otherwise be inaccessible to the international community is particularly encouraged.

As an additional service to readers, Mires and Peat will also publish selected short reviews of relevant books.

e.g. The peatland map of Europe, published 10.11.2017

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