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PROLINE-CE Efficient Practices of Land Use Management Integrating Water Resources Protection and Non-structural Flood Mitigation Experiences

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Although drinking water protection is already an integrated part of some land-use management practices, its implementation and realisation often lags behind. The main objective of PROLINE-CE was therefore the creation of a concrete transnational plan for the implementation of sustainable land use­and­flood­/­drought­management­­leading to an improved protection of drinking water resources. The demonstration of best practice examples that were carried out in pilot actions in
­various­geographic­and­thematic­fields supports the stakeholder interest and decision processes even more.


Main objectives of the project are:
a) to collect, evaluate and compare various­­factors­which­influence­­drinkingwater quality and quantity in Central Europe (CE) region, such as land use activities,­flood,­drought­and­climatechange impacts, current management practices and / or gaps (including national legislation);
b) to develop a comprehensive knowledge base of interrelated factors which ­influence­­drinking­water­quality­and quantity in Central Europe countries;
c) to actively involve and create a network of stakeholders, such as land use planners, water suppliers, decision makers, NGOs, practitioners and researchers (agronomists, hydrogeologists, ecologists, biologists). Based ­on­ previously ­defined ­gaps­(status­quo assessment and stakeholder involvement), the project partners compiled a transnational set of 38 best management practices to be integrated into existing policy guidelines.

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