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ATLAS - Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space

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The Project aims at (re-)discovering all traditional architecture. These buildings are often located in neglected areas and provide low levels of energy efficiency and comfort. The project aims at paving the way for sustainable development of historic structures. This will include capitalizing and optimizing existing best practice  solutions for building refurbishment and regional development. Stakeholders of the whole value chain and decision-makers are included in a network to ensure sustainability from social, ecological and cultural points of view.


Overall objective

ATLAS will establish instruments for Low Carbon development of historic buildings and sites and will promote historic buildings retrofit as a task not only for single building owners but for the whole civil society. It will foster the exchange of best practice experiences and high level knowledge from all Alpine regions on energy retrofit and sustainable regional development in order to remove uncertainties, quantify co-benefits and socio-economic value, and provide the ground for the integration of historic buildings and sites in low-carbon policies and regional development strategies.

Specific objective

- To raise awareness on the necessity and benefits of sustainable development of traditional Alpine architecture.
- To promote technical and methodological instruments to foster the retrofitting of historic buildings.
- To bridge the gap between research and practice with existing examples of best practice solutions for an implementation in a transnational context.


1. A Historic Building Atlas as online database for best practice examples for energy refurbishments. The HiBERATLAS shows best pratice examples for sustainable
renovation of historic and traditional buildings.
2. Assessment scheme including KPIs for sustainability of historic building renovation.
3. An interactive retrofit guidance tool for historic buildings.
4. An holistic decision-support toolkit for municipalities.

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