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Alpine Convention and its Protocols

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Peatland is mentioned in Article 9 of the Soil Conservation Protocol of the Alpine Convention. Synonymous expressions are the terms moor and wetlands respectively


The terms peatland and moor are not mentioned in the Framework Convention.

Protocol “Soil Conservation”

Article 9, Conservation of Soils in Wetlands and Moors

Paragraph 1.

The Contracting Parties undertake to preserve high moors and lowland moors. To achieve this objective, the use of peat shall be discontinued completely in the medium term

Paragraph 2.

Drainage schemes in wetlands and moors shall be limited to the upkeep of existing networks unless there are sound reasons for exceptions. Remedial measures shall be promoted to minimise the environmental impact of existing drainage systems. 

Paragraph 3. 

On principle, moor soils shall not be utilised or, when used for agricultural purposes, shall be managed so that their characteristic features remain intact.

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